Product Design Lead




As the Product Design Lead for Coral Health, a B2B web-based application designed to provide culturally-sensitive healthcare to employees, my main responsibilities included creating interactive prototypes with Figma, presenting designs to stakeholders, implementing an atomic design system, developing user journeys and flows, and working closely with the head of product and engineering to align with project roadmapping and managing progress using JIRA

Building a Design System

Before any new feature builds, I aimed to streamline the user experience and speed up feature development by creating a comprehensive design system.

This included conducting a thorough audit of existing screen designs and utilizing atomic design methodology to build out the system, bit by bit (or shall I say, atom by atom).

One of my primary objectives was to improve the existing UI while minimizing design debt by making subtle yet effective changes that included color corrections, consistent typography, and refined spacing rules. 

I successfully implemented a design system by developing a cohesive design library in Figma, as well as bridging the gap for development by creating a Style Guide in Zeplin. I then applied and linked settings from the system to all existing screens, and exported and organized them in Zeplin as well. Additionally, I built documentation in Confluence to ensure proper usage and governance of the design system.

Executing a CVS Integration

Our belief is that by providing convenient delivery options, we can encourage Coral’s members to take actions they may not have otherwise considered.

Through a partnership with CVS, we were able to integrate their clinics booking feature directly into our platform. This allows users to book appointments based on our recommended health actions.

To achieve this, I conducted research to understand the current booking process at CVS clinics and identified areas for improvement. I then created a user flow that guides users through the process of booking an appointment on Coral’s app.

With a tight deadline, I designed high-fidelity screens — skipping lo-fi wireframing — and created a prototype to iterate on the design with team feedback. The design system already in place greatly aided in this process. I collaborated closely with the lead software engineer from the proof of concept stage through to QA testing and final completion.