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Hashing & Co.


A women-led platform that uses new tech to make investing in cryptocurrency easy for all.

According to reports, the cryptocurrency market is expected to reach USD 1.40 billion by 2024. However, despite high interest, women lack access and opportunity in this industry on both investment and career levels. I was interested in creating a web-based (desktop) digital product with matching native application.

Hashing & Co is specifically for women interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and trading. Since there are various constantly emerging types of cryptocurrency, our primary focus is on the largest, Bitcoin. A strong focus and understanding of the user and pain points will be vital to the success of this platform.


I sought to gain insight on how women discover or use digital tools to study information related to the cryptocurrency market, including their goals and expectations. I accomplished this through multiple 30 minute semi-structured video call interviews with screened participants, followed by creating an affinity map of notes from each session. These were used for discovering important insights. I then organized a survey study to validate key findings with a larger number of participants.

After synthesizing findings and identifying themes and opportunities, I completed exercises for feature ideation and organized them on a feature prioritization matrix. Since this would be a new platform, I focused first sketches on some core functionality features.


The first feature I chose to create a prototype for was the course selection + enrollment process. I knew that this particular flow would involve multiple unique elements when mocked up in high fidelity, which is important for showing the UI range.

I created the first iteration and then adjusted a second based on my notes from a quick usability study. The flow needed the addition of a monthly price reminder on the course detail page as well as a subscription summary before entering payment details.


A full style guide featuring a growing collection of UI and icon elements was created in Figma.

The color palette slightly skews feminine, while still providing a range of colors for various moods and calls to action. The typography features a Serif / Sans Serif pairing of Vesper Libre and Open Sans.


After creating a strong identity and beginning a library of user interface elements, the initial lo fidelity prototype was converted into a high fidelity version complete with clickable prototype.


Hashing is now set to begin the process of creating both a web and iOS based version of the online course offerings. This project was an example of how ideas and features are created and validated.

This project was concepted and completed for the Udacity UX Nanodegree course.