UX/UI Designer


My Little Black Book


About The Project

With user research, product planning, branding, and UX/UI design — I worked with MLBB’s founder to create this fashion-based app’s initial app MVP, as well as interfaced with an engineering team to get it launched in the app store. My Little Black Book is an iOS-based app, shining the light on how to discover a carefully curated selection of black-owned fashion and lifestyle brands.

Understanding The Problem

After conducting in-depth competitor analysis to determine a product need, I discovered that while applications highlighting black-owned businesses had begun to emerge, there was a gap in the space in terms of innovation and aesthetic opportunities to appeal to those looking for more than just a general directory. With this in mind, the product planning primarily involved:

  • User Journey
  • Unique Features
  • Interaction Design
  • App Monetization

User Journey Exploration


Before design began, I created lean personas for the app’s ideal target audience. Using this, the MLBB team was able to begin curating imagery and building a community around the app on social media.

To further gain validation of interest and begin collecting data - we created a landing page for launch notification sign-up for users, as well as for brand applications.

Feature Highlights

Discovery Tab

With Pinterest-like inspiration and no boring e-commerce product shots, this discovery feature allows users to save images attributed to listed brands that they love to a mood board. They’re able to create multiple mood boards, which use an Instagram Highlights style display.

Screens In Figma

Categories + Brands

Users also have the ability to search the app by category and each brand's profile enables consumer continuation directly to the brands’ site.